The World Cup


The FIFA World Cup is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. It only occurs every four years and includes the greatest football countries from all over the globe. Teams are put in groups of four and the top two from each group advance to the round of 16, then the winners move on to quarter finals, and the winners of that advance to semifinals. The losers of the two semifinal matches compete for third place. The winners move on to the World Cup Final, any footballers dream is to play in and win the World Cup Final. The World Cup has always been dominated by South American and European Countries. Every country to win the World Cup has been from those two continents. A European country has lifted the trophy eleven times while countries from South America have lifted it 9 times. Brazil currently hold the record for most World Cup wins, as well as the only country to win back-to-back World Cups. The World Cup is hosted by certain countries at random and the first ever World Cup was hosted by Uruguay.

World Cup Hosts & Winners
Year Hosts Winners
2018 Russia France
2014 Brazil Germany
2010 South Africa Spain
2006 Germany Italy