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What are the most popular forms of guitars?


Acoustic Guitar


Electric Guitar


Bass Guitar

Is there anything I need other than a guitar to begin learning?

There are many accesories that are both mandatory and not. Some make playing easier and aren't that expensive and others open a door to different cool sounds that you can emulate with the guitar.


Guitar Capo


Guitar Strap


Guitar Picks


Guitar Tuner

How do you tune guitars

Tuning guitars is fairly simple. It just depends on how many strings you have on that guitar. There are links for both acoustic and electric guitars, however once you watch the videos you will find that the tuning method is universal excluding the bass. Click on the links to view videos on how to tune them.

  1. How to Tune an Electric Guitar
  2. How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar
  3. How to Tune a Bass Guitar

Why should I play guitar?

The objective of this website isn’t to pin your arm being your back to make you play the instrument. It is completely optional. However, there are many benefits to playing the guitar. Not only is it just fun in general, there are studies that show that playing the guitar helps with things like helping a person manage stress, improve memory, and improve their communication and motor skills all through music therapy. Unless you just don’t want to, there isn’t exactly a con to playing the guitar and it is definitely something that you should look into.

What do you think? Do you think that you would want to learn to play the guitar?
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