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By: Alice Murphy

 2000s woman

Britney Spears wearing a popular Juicy Couture track suit

The 2000s was an iconic fashion decade. Ultra low rise jeans and yoga pants were incredibly popular. Track suits were a staple in the early part of the decade. Capri pants were popular as well. Crop tops were popular along with camisoles. Accessories such as the chunky belt, jelly bracelets, and ties around the neck were the trend. Louis Vuitton bags were very popular as well.


Celebrity outfits from the 2000s

Menswear was also changed by the 2000s. Trends from the 1960s had come back and men wore light wash bootcut jeans and polos with popped collars. Cowboy hats were common as well. V necks and dad hats were also a popular outfit choice in the later parts of the decade.