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By: Alice Murphy

 1990s women

Two models from a 1990s clothing magazine, showing off the mom jean and white Keds trend

1990s fashion was in contrast with the 1980s neon fabrics and huge hair. Flannels, black leggings, and simple solid colors were the trend. Shoes such as Birkenstocks and white Keds were very prevalent in fashion. The seventies style was very popular, which included mom jeans and tye dye everything. Long, straight hair was a very popular hair style. Grunge wear was very popular as well, incorporating band t shirts and baggy pants in outfits.


Men in popular outfits in the 1990s

In the 1990s, men's fashion shifted to baggy silhouettes. Casual dressing was very popular throughout the decade for young men. Snapback hats were incredibly popular, along with biker jackets. Turtlenecks got a comeback from the late 60s and were quite popular with men of all ages. Bandannas were also a very popular outfit accessory.