Besiege is a game where in Medieval times, you are assgned to build machines to beat levels on 3 islands, conquering the world. You can make anything you want in game, & there's even mods to install & other user's machines you can download. You could make a catapult, a tank, or even planes!

Pros & Cons of Medieval War Machines


Pros Cons
Long range, can lob large objects easily into air Stationary, can be burned, pain to reload


Pros Cons
Long range, large bow & arrow, wheels on bottom No cover for users, pain to reload


Pros Cons
Long range, not as hard to reload as trebuchet, has wheels Flammable, No cover for users

Battering Ram

Pros Cons
Wheels are put on, can be hanheld for wooden doors, roof can be put on Used at close range for breaking through wood & stone walls