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  1. Blank Banshee 0 was Blank Banshee's first official release besides two singles (Chlorophyll, and Zenisis). The album was released September 1st 2012, and is 15 tracks and is 32 minutes and 57 seconds long. The album is an interesting and ethereal mix of synth lines, memorable samples, and punchy drums.

  2. bb1

  3. Blank Banshee 1 was Blank Banshee's second album. The album was released October 20th 2013 it has 15 tracks and is 30 minutes and 42 seconds long. The album utilizes vocal chops more than 0 and uses less trap drums and more interesting patterns with a more nature-based theme. The album had an ARG about Doldrum Corp. and later had 6 music videos released fully animated by Blank Banshee under the name Paradise Disc.

  4. bbmega

  5. MEGA is Blank Banshee's 3rd album released October 10th 2016 it has 15 tracks and is 32 minutes and 35 seconds long. The album had 3 year long wait and is the first departure from the number naming convention. The album is more eclectic than the previous albums, going from fast, to slow, some songs with vocals, and is overall more polished. The album had an ARG story about a group of people stopping the MEGA Meteor destined to destroy the world.

  6. missingnos

  7. MissingNos is a collection of non-album tracks that is updated by Blank Banshee on his website. These mostly account for tracks before Blank Banshee 0 (Chlorophyll, Zenisis, and Equinox which was released April 2nd 2019) and small experimental snippets that remain uncompleted and don't fit the Blank Banshee style (Marble Bust, Cormorant)