Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter released in December 2015 for PC, Xbox One, & Playstation 4. The game has realistic graphics and physics thanks to the AnvilNext 2.0 game engine.

Wall Destruction
The game focuses on coordinated teamwork and strategy to either complete an objective or eliminate all of the enemy team. There are three different sections of play, Situations, Terrorist Hunt, and Multiplayer. Situations are the training levels to help new players understand the concepts and key feautres of the game. Terrorist Hunt is a PVE mode where you and up to four friends can go into missions against the computer.
Multiplayer is the most popular mode, it has Casual, Ranked and Custom Games to choose from. Casual is the relaxed mode of multiplayer, its a 5v5 & its first to 3 rounds with a single round overtime. Ranked is a competitve mode where it is also a 5v5 with shorter round times and longer matches. It is first to 4 rounds with a two round overtime, it can last around 30 minutes. Custom Games is a mode where you can host a game for your friends and customize the rules.

Ubisoft Montreal has provided a steady stream of content for the game about every three months. These updates are called seasons and with each one two new operators & a new map are released free.

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