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Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions 1989-1998

Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders, who played for the Detroit Lions from 1989-1998 was selected with the 3rd pick of the first round. He has won many awards to show for what he did in his career which should show for the fact that he is the best running back to play in the game. The list of awards could go on forever, but his most important are that he made the pro bowl all 10 years he played, he was chosen as MVP in 1997, and he has had his jersey retired with the Lions, which takes a lot of work to have a number retired. To finish off with his career stats, he ran for a total of 15,269 yards and had 99 rushing touchdowns. Recieving, he caught for 2,921 yards and 10 touchdowns. If that isn't a great running back, then who is?

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Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns 1957-1965

Jim Brown

Jim Brown, the fullback for the Cleveland Browns, was played as a way different position back then. A full back from his time is like a halfback from our time. He carried for 12,312 yards and 106 touchdowns. He caught for 2,499 yards and 20 touchdowns. He is a hall of fame player in college and pro football. As of today, he still has a franchise record with the Browns, the record being most rushing yards in one season being 1,863 yards. During his time, he won a single super bowl with the Browns in 1964 and then went on to retire in July of 1966. Jim Brown stayed busy in his retirement, and he left a great career in his tracks.