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"Mean" Joe Greene, Pittsburgh Steelers 1969-1981

'Mean' Joe Greene

"Mean" Joe Greene, a Pittsburgh Steeler at heart, was selected in the first round of the 1969 draft, 4th overall. He won the Super Bowl 4 times with the Steelers in the early super bowl years. Actually, Greene ended up after retirement becoming a coach for a long 16 years. He spent 4 years with the Steelers as a defensive linemen coach, 4 with the Dolphins as the same, and 7 with the Cardinals as an assisant coach. By the end of his career he appeared at 10 pro bowls, was the NFL Man of the Year once, got his number as a college and NFL player retired. Joe couldn't have had a better career.


Bob Lilly, Dallas Cowboys 1961-1974

Bob Lilly

Bob Lilly, who played a 13 year career with the Dallas Cowboys was a great defensive tackle. Nicknamed as Mr. Cowboy, he won one super bowl with them, and had many career highlights. With 11 Pro Bowl appearances, and having recieved the Cowboys ring of honor, Bob played a great game. By the end of his career, he played 196 games, and had one interception, which was big to have an interception as a defensive tackle, considering you're yards away from the Quarterback. Mr. Cowboy was enducted into the Pro and College Football Hall of fame, and rode the horse to victory.


Deacon Jones, Los Angeles Rams 1961-1971, San Diego Chargers 1972-1973, Washington Redskins 1974

Deacon Jones

Deacon Jones had one special career. Being selected in the fourteenth round, 186 overall, was a great turnout, sounding like a Tom Brady appearance. Being brought in in 1961, the draft was much different then. Deacon Jones had two interceptions, and played a total of 191 games. He is a part of the retired jerseys, with his number being retired with the Rams. The Rams have had some great players as long as they're under good coaching, and Deacon Jones is a great example of the greater players that have been under good coaching with the Rams franchise.


Reggie White, Memphis Showboats 1984-1985, Philadelphia Eagles 1985-1992, Green Bay Packers 1993-1998, Carolina Panthers 2000

Reggie White

Reggie White, who was a part of the no longer existant Memphis Showboats, was brought into the NFL in 1984 in the first round, fourth overall. He was a one time Super Bowl champion, although his career highlights are a lot of rare achievements to obtain by one NFL player. He has 3 numbers retired, 2 in the NFL 1 in college. His NFL numbers are retired with the Eagles and Packers, and then retired with his college, the Tennessee Volunteers. Reggie White was a great player, who was a natural defensive end in this league.