As that weird looking logo in the top-right corner so cleverly implies, this is the portfolio of Jared Gula, who you may know as "the kid in your class who doesn't say anything and you know nothing about". This website exists to show off some of my mediocre works in hopes of getting a job or college or maybe some recognition someday, and as you may see above, I am most proficient at more digital-based art forms, primarily visual effects (despite it being one of my least populated pages). I have been doing this type of art for about 6 years now, starting at about 5th or 6th grade with pixel art and slowly rising through to learn many different forms of art.

Along the top row of buttons you can check out the various types of art I enjoy making, or you can even look at and download the video game I made for an english project. Along the side are my external links, as well as a sheet for contacting me about art or whatever else you may want. Plus theres a few secrets hidden around here somewhere.